The municipality of Dolores is the smallest in the country, it is located in the South Pacific region of NicaraguaIts topography is regular flat, it has rivers that are part of the Rio Grande de Carazo basin. The climatic characteristics are tropical savanna (semi-humid).

An important site that is located in the smallest municipality of Nicaragua, is the attractive Concepción de María farm, with an area of ​​85 blocks, where corn, bananas, beans, citrus fruits and coffee are grown under shade. The coffee under shade, the musaceae and timber trees, are part of the agroforestry ecosystem. In this place you can learn about the coffee process in cutting times. In addition to hiking in the forest and through the coffee plantations. You can also go cycling, horseback riding and bird watching.

Private wildlife reserve Los tres Cañones de Betania located at km 42.5 south highway, Rancho San Sebastián 150 meters to the south. This is a new wild forest park in Carazo with a variety of activities for the whole family with bird watching, hiking, camping, cycling rally.

 Kevin Cruz Natural Park located in the San Ramiro neighborhood, 400 meters from the driving school where we can go hiking, tree species surveys, Arboretum, nursery, cultivation process, collection of native fruit seeds and bird watching.

Another interesting place to visit is the Providence Estate, there you can learn about the production of ginger, cinnamon, pepper, cloves, Taiwanese guava, soursop and red beans. You can also take tours where they will explain you about the coffee plantations, the site also has a great variety of fruit and timber trees.

The tour of the farm lasts approximately 45 minutes in the company of a guide. The trails of the farm are signposted. It offers food and beverage service, reserving in advance.

The street to the farm is paved and in good condition. It can be reached by private vehicle in 10 minutes from Diriamba and on foot from the city center of Dolores in eight minutes. The farm is located from the Dolores Health Center, one block to the south and 25 yards to the west.

In the fauna of the municipality you can see rabbits, armadillos, foxes, gavilanes, parrots, carrots, pijules, woodpeckers, snakes, garrobos, green iguanas, butterflies, frogs and migratory and resident birds.

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