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The municipality of Rivas is located on the isthmus of the same name at a height of 57 m asl It is relatively flat with the exception of a few small hills. It enjoys a strategic position since it serves as a center for economic activities and a perfect link to the natural attractions of the rest of the department.

Visit the spa The Virgin, beautiful paradisiacal beach with a spectacular view of Ometepe Island, here you can take a well-deserved dip in the warm waters, enjoy the sun and sand, as well as get to know the La Virgen community, its inhabitants and its surroundings. The La Virgen community is located just 15 minutes from the center of the city of Rivas.

The rivers of the municipality of Rivas (Las Lajas and Veracruz) are very short and some of them have interesting forest on their banks. You can take short walks, observation of the landscape and aquatic recreation since they conserve their flow throughout the year.

The municipality of Rivas has different ecosystems that make it unique and productive; the aquatic ecosystem, It refers to Lake Cocibolca, which is the most important freshwater ecosystem in the Central American Isthmus, still home to sharks and sawfish in its waters. The quality of the water is good and it is used to supply some nearby communities.

The representative fauna of the municipality is made up of the congo monkey, pissing fox, bare-tailed fox, rabbits, iguana, garrobo, cusuco, guardatinaja, querque, osprey, great egret, cattle heron, carrot, chocoyos, pijul, white-winged pigeon, güis , zenzontle, salta piñuela, carpenter, mojarras, sabanera turtle, guabina, crabs, among others.

Scientific tourism

Know the project Amayo I and II Wind Consortium, Alba Vientos, Blue Power and EOLO; It is the largest in Central America, among all they have more than 100 towers generating wind energy, here you will learn about the mechanism used to generate energy through these wind turbines, in an ecological way thinking about the protection of the environment, this park it can be visited all year round.


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