Wibuse Community

Wibuse Community

Among the important natural sites of note is the Wibuse Lookout, located to the northeast of the municipality, with good access and with short trails where you can observe beautiful landscapes and take short walks to enjoy nature.

In the Ocote Arriba community You can also appreciate impressive landscapes, go on hikes and visit agricultural farms.

La stone from El Chile It is another natural attraction, it is a rock that stands out in the mountains, the surroundings are completely wooded and with a pleasant climate. It is located eight kilometers north of the municipal seat, it can be accessed by vehicle and then take a short walk along interesting trails, where you can enjoy the surrounding flora and fauna.

The Río Grande de Matagalpa, Río Cálico and Río Susulí constitute the municipality's hydrographic network, and are of great importance for the conservation of nature, since the gallery forest supports the surrounding and fixed fauna, and retains the water sources.

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Venture to know the Pena Colorada, very striking for its yellowish color. You can take a tour around it where you will appreciate the flora and fauna of the place, as well as an impressive panoramic view from a natural viewpoint. It is located in the community of Piedra Larga; the access road is all weather and there is a path to climb the hill. The site can be accessed on foot, vehicle and horseback. It is located on the road to Esquipulas.

Another place is La Fila hill with a panoramic view of the city of San Dionisio and its surroundings. It is in the vicinity of the city of San Dionisio.

Explore the El Gavilán hill, a natural viewpoint from where you can see the municipalities of San Dionisio, Terrabona and Esquipulas, since it is one of the highest points in the area. It is located four kilometers from San Dionisio, there are road signs and roads in good condition, the site can be accessed on foot, vehicle, horse or others.

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Ocute Community

Ocute Community

Know the Danelis farm, a rural community tourism initiative, based in an indigenous community. You will find lush vegetation and fauna, as you walk towards the waterfall of the site. It is located seven kilometers from San Dionisio, in the Wibuse region, the site can be accessed on foot, by vehicle or on horseback.

Another very interesting place to learn a little about the history of this place is the Abiayala Center. The site has a nursery area and breeding zoo, a lodging area and food service. It is located one kilometer from San Dionisio, on the shores of the highway to Esquipulas.

Visit the El Bosque tourist farm, which has rich flora and fauna, here you can take guided tours to a beautiful waterfall within the property where you can take a refreshing bath, and visit the natural viewpoint. The farm also offers you a large pool and food.

It is located in the community of San Cayetano, one kilometer from San Dionisio; the road is in good condition and easily accessible.


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