The Serranías de Santo Tomás are the ramifications of the extensive Chontaleña mountain range. They occupy a large part of the municipal territory, one of the highest points being the Aragua hill (700 meters above sea level). Most of the elevations of Santo Tomás conserve important forested areas, especially in the eastern sector. Among the hills we can mention Maravillas, Sierrawas, La Oropéndola, Guarumo, Zapotal, Campanas and Tamagás. In its surroundings you can go hiking and observe flora and fauna.

Some of the rivers in the municipality are important sites for the conservation of biodiversity, among them are the Quipur River, Estero de Matagua, Zapote, Paso de Lajas, El Caracol, Bulúm, Caño Oropéndola and Copelar, and the Mico River.


El Chancho jump

The representative flora species of the municipality are the royal cedar, male cedar, oak, guayabón, black wood, manchón, guanacaste, ceiba, guabo, coyol, helequeme, laurel, guapinol, chilamate, genízaro, cortés, guácimo, hawk, ojoche and mahogany.

The most outstanding species of fauna are the white-tailed deer, mallard, peccary, fox, rabbit, howler monkey, squirrel, sloth, cusuco, guanco, pigeons, buzzard, grackle, curlew, zenzontle, güis and parrots.

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Mico River

El Chancho jump. It is a spectacular waterfall about 50 m high. It is the beginning of a natural system in the form of a canyon, whose slopes are home to a dense tropical forest inhabited by a large number of birds. Its waters are cold and crystal clear, ideal for enjoying a refreshing dip. It is located in the El Alto community, about 7 km south of the urban area.

The Mico is one of the most important rivers in the municipality, since due to its strong current it is very frequented in the summer, mainly at Easter. Its deep pools are the delight of vacationers and in its waters it is possible to practice fishing for mojarras, sabaletes and Guapotes.

Very close to the Mico River is Charco Brujo, an area of ​​wetlands that is home to a large population of waterfowl. The locals tell mysterious stories that happened in this peaceful place. Permission from the owners is required to access.

To the east of the municipality are the La Oropéndola waterfalls and the Bulum River, both places imbued with beauty and natural tranquility.

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Environments El Chancho Falls

Get to know the Ríos de Leche Cooperative, founded in 1992 with the idea of ​​processing milk and exporting its products to El Salvador. Its products are of high quality and in its processing plant you can learn about the entire process of making melted cheese, semi-pressed cheese, cheese and cream. It is located 11 kilometers away from the city.

La San Martin Private Wildlife Reserve It has the Poza Azul, a deep lagoon with cold and crystal clear waters. The livestock on this property is sustainably combined with the production of fruit trees and ornamental plants.


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