The municipality of San Juan del Sur is the second largest municipality in the department of Rivas and one of the two border municipalities with Costa Rica.

The largest natural landmark in the municipality is the La Flor Wildlife Refuge, located 21 kilometers south of the urban area, it has an approximate area of ​​800 hectares. It protects unique and outstanding resources of great ecological and social value, among which we can mention the protection of the five species of sea turtles (hawksbill, paslama, green turtle, tora or leatherback and torita turtle) that nest on the beaches of the Pacific from Nicaragua.

It is one of the two massive nesting sites in the country and one of eight that exist worldwide. In addition, it has a variety of habitats of ecological and economic importance such as secondary growth vegetation, mangroves and a diversity of flora and fauna species.

The Finca El Aguacate Private Wildlife Reserve is located in the El Bastón region in the extreme northwest of the municipality, it has an area of ​​approximately 1,592 hectares where approximately 328 hectares of regenerating dry forest are preserved.

The Escameca Grande Private Wildlife Reserve is located 15 kilometers south of San juan del surOn the way to La Flor, the tropical dry forest is the main attraction and alternates with the productive activities of the farm. The good regeneration of the forest has allowed the fauna to find an excellent refuge, food source and breeding site. The walks to observe the birds and the vegetation and the horseback riding are among the main attractions, in addition to its hot springs and the El Collado waterfall, it also has a community accommodation house.Toro Mixcal is another important protection initiative, it is located in the old road to San Juan del Sur, known as La Chocolata. Like other places near the coast, there are representative extensions of the dry forest, where you can take small excursions and contemplate productive activities.

The hydrographic network is an important attraction for hiking and getting to know the vegetation of the area and the fauna, mainly the birds. The rivers San Juan del Sur, Escameca, Escamequita, La Flor, El Ostional, El Naranjo and Marsella, are those that are in the municipality, they are of medium to short trajectory, with sources in the mountainous area, and with rectilinear courses they end Flowing into the Pacific, the marine ecosystem is an important resource for recreation and education, whether for sport fishing, whale and dolphin watching, and observation of the seabed through diving and snorkeling.

The beaches of San Juan del Sur are one of the most visited in the country, so there is a lot of human intervention on its shores. The vegetation in some sectors such as La Flor, Playa Marsella, Playa Madera is still preserved mainly in areas with steep slopes. In the municipality the coastal marine ecosystem is represented by some bays and rocky hills with poor soil.

Short circuit of the bay of San Juan del Sur.

This tour lasts 35 minutes starting with the embarkation on the floating docks, passing through the front part of the bay of San Juan del Sur, then we go to the north of the bay where we appreciate the cave of the tiger and the view highest in San Juan del Sur, the viewpoint of the Christ of Mercy, then we go to the cave of the boyfriends while appreciating the viewpoint of the lighthouse, ending with an adrenaline tour with the aquatic banana.

Green circuit “La Flor wildlife refuge.

La Flor Beach _sanjuandelsur_naturaleza10La Flor Wildlife Refuge is located 20 km south of the municipality of San Juan del Sur, it is one of the most famous beaches in the Department of Rivas and a green tourism alternative in the municipality of San Juan del Sur, between the months of July and January thousands of olive ridley turtles (Lepidochelys olivácea) arrive at this wonderful beach to lay their eggs. the largest turtle that exists on the planet.

The main species that comes to spawn en masse at La Flor Beach is the Olive Ridley turtle.

On this beach we have the presence of the hawksbill turtle, although very little this is one of the species in danger of extinction, once we have the massive spawning of turtles, a period of approximately 50 days is expected to later have the birth and the hatchling release.

This beach, due to its wide nature, offers you the opportunity to camp and appreciate a spectacular view of the bay and of course the stars at night, about 4 km away is the community of Ostional that offers you a small variety of services of A/B and hospitality that make you feel like part of the family.

To get to this beach we recommend a 4×4 vehicle.

 Virgin beaches circuit

The circuit of virgin beaches starts from San Juan del Sur beach with 56 km of coastline, having 5 beaches in the north and 16 beaches in the south, which are known by the locals.

These beaches lend you the conditions to be able to carry out different activities.

Adventure tourism

Know the Canopy Tour Da Flying Frog, take a tour of the canopy platforms, an experience that you will love, currently this place offers the longest canopy tour in Nicaragua with 2.5 km in length, in this beautiful farm you can also go hiking to know the flora and fauna of the place, as well as its economic activities in which agriculture stands out. This farm is located 5 minutes from San Juan del Sur.

You can also raise your adrenaline to the maximum by visiting the Las Nubes Adventure ParkThere you will enjoy a "Canopy tour" in the tops of the tropical trees typical of the area. You can complement your visit by practicing Rappel under a 20-meter platform. in one of the tallest trees in San Juan del Sur and visiting the "Iguanarium" where you will observe extravagant reptiles such as lizards and green iguanas. In the area "Games for children" the little ones of the home can also enjoy outdoor challenges in the field style in structures built of wood under the highest safety standards. This park is located at kilometer 135.5 of the highway to San Juan del Sur.

Sun and Beach Tourism

The beautiful playa Woods It is a place that you cannot miss, especially if you are a surf lover; This beach has one of the best waves in the bay, ideal for surfing. If you want to stay to continue enjoying this place and get to know the community, you can stay in lodgings in the surroundings where you will also enjoy the local gastronomy. This beach extends to the right side, approaching Majagual.

Visit El Coco beach, of elongated formation preserves the characteristic rock formations in its limits and vegetation, it is an ideal place to relax, make excursions on horses or practice cycling in the community, practice beach sports and take walks around Bolaños Island, this in the company of a guide of the maritime park. Located on the road to Ostional.

Know the El Ostional beach, an imposing practically virgin place, little visited due to its remoteness, here you will breathe peace and tranquility. You can do kayak tours on the El Ostional river, which preserves its nature, as well as boat tours to fish, take a walk along the coast, observe some rock formations that form breakers at high tide, some cliffs at its ends and practice beach sports like volleyball and soccer.

Visit the beautiful beach Marseilles, It has a small estuary that reaches the sea, characteristic rocks of the area, hills where you can see sacuanjoche trees and others, this beach is the ideal place to practice surf because it has waves suitable for this sport, you can observe sea turtle spawning , alligators in the estuary, sport and artisanal fishing, diving, snorkeling, as well as sailing boat rides.

Impossible to visit San Juan Del Sur without knowing the San Juan del Sur Beach, It has an impressive bay that resembles the almost perfect shape of a horseshoe, mountains around it and rocks, here you can take boat rides, sport fishing, diving, marine photography, whale and dolphin watching and active nightlife, you can also Get to know the town and interact with the community, you can stay in a comfortable hotel and enjoy the local gastronomy as well as the characteristic seafood in one of the striking restaurants facing the bay, this is a beautiful place that you will love.

Community rural tourism

Recreation on the coast of San Juan del Sur_sanjuandelsur_cultura_gal2

Recreation on the coast of San Juan del Sur

Get to know a place where nature will be your faithful companion, Spring Farm It is a private wild reserve and a family farm, here you will learn about the conservation of the environment, especially the ecosystems so important to our life, you can also do bird observation and studies, horseback riding, milking practices, observe beautiful landscapes and share experiences with the community, taste delicious local cuisine, this experience will enchant you.

Ostional Community: This is located in the municipality of San Juan del Sur, it is a place that has one of the most striking beaches in the municipality, the people who inhabit this community are willing to offer you a beautiful experience of rural tourism, among the natural greenery of the community and the blue of the sea, the Ostional community has a hostel where you can stay as well as dining rooms to taste traditional food of the area where seafood is the protagonist, in the community you can go hiking, horseback riding, water sports such as kayaking, diving ente others and land sports beach soccer or volleyball, boat rides, flora and fauna sighting, fishing and taking a bath in these delicious waters as well as interacting with the community doing their daily activities such as artisanal fishing and much more.


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