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Pochomil beach.

From the urban area of ​​San Rafael del Sur you can organize your tour to go to the main natural points in the area. In the first place, there are those that are considered the main attractions of the municipality, which are the renowned beaches of pochomilmasachapa y Montelimar.

If you want to rest from the bustle of the city and relax on the wonderful beaches, visit the Pochomil Tourist Center, Enjoy its extensive coasts, refreshing sea and an ideal wave for practicing water sports such as surfing, diving, jet ski rides, sailing, among others.

In the surroundings of the beach there are numerous establishments that offer gastronomic varieties, from ordinary food to à la carte, the specialties being seafood soups and food based on seafood.

If you want another environment, visit the Hotel Barcelo Montelimar, with the all-inclusive concept. On this beach you can practice sports such as windsurf and in certain seasons the waves allow surfing.

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Montelimar beach.

The hotel that has four swimming pools, a giant Jacuzzi, three restaurants, a spa, a disco, convention rooms, a gym, a hairdresser, gift shops and a casino; In addition, it has its own aerodrome with a 2000-meter long runway, equipped for light aircraft and helicopters in case you want a more exclusive trip. This hotel is located 65 kilometers from Managua.

Another point of interest is the Masachapa BeachHere, in addition to enjoying its beach, you can visit the small community of Masachapa, dedicated mainly to fishing, commerce and tourism. It is located west of the head of the municipality of San Rafael del Sur. It has direct contact with the waters and from this place you can see a beautiful panoramic view of the extensive beach and the sea.

On this beach you can visit El Faro, symbol of the Masachapa community. It is located at the western end of the commercial conglomeration, located at one of the high ends of the coast. It is distinguished by its characteristic yellow and red colors.

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The Lighthouse viewpoint.

I discovered a beautiful natural spring in the municipality, visit El Salto, it is a stream of the Jesús River, which stands out for the existence of a dam that allows the creation of a small waterfall to continue its course. It is a place where you can appreciate nature, the site is located in the community.

This family recreation center is public, especially for excursions. Here you can find ranches and rest benches, as well as fresh seafood service offered by the residents of the community and if you prefer you can bring your food already prepared or if not, it can be cooked right there, in a safe and cheerful environment. It is located three kilometers from the urban area of San Rafael del Sur.

Los Velásquez lagoon it was formed by the characteristics adopted by the soil after the mining carried out in the place. Here you can relax, perform water activities for your recreation such as walks around the surroundings visiting the community. You can observe the flora and fauna of the site, as well as shrimp fishing and livestock activities on the shores of the lagoon. It is located in the Los Velásquez community, seven kilometers from the urban area.

One of the main redoubts of forest that exist in the municipality is the Natural Reserve, it is located between Villa El Carmen and Masachapa.

It is a very interesting initiative, since the private company Ingenio Azucarero Consorcio Naviero Nicaragüense SA has dedicated 615 blocks of land for the conservation and restoration of the forest, as well as for the production and collection of water.

General Augusto C. Sandino Ecological Park – San Rafael del Sur: Located in the municipality of San Rafael del Sur, it is becoming a tourist potential that is visited by families from that town and other places in the country. The park is for young people and families to visit and have a happy time, because they have the opportunity to go hiking, exercise because they have an outdoor gym installed. And in general, families, young people, adults come here to spend time with their children, especially in the afternoon and at night.


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