La Golondrina Waterfall

This municipality is entirely rural and mountainous in nature. Among its natural attractions are the Mallorquín hills (910 m asl), Las Minas hill (750 m asl), Gigante hill (800 m asl) and Caracol hill. Some waterfalls start from these hills.

La Bocana Estate: It is a very attractive site due to the resources found within it, its name is due to the union of the waters of a stream with the Grande de Matagalpa river which runs through the property. It is located in the community of San Pedro; You can arrive in any vehicle, it is located about 10 kilometers from the urban area.

La Golondrina waterfall: It is a jump where there are three small waterfalls and several pools, in this place you can enjoy a beautiful natural landscape, the waters of the waterfall are crystal clear and fresh.

This is one of the best resources in all of Terrabona.

By private vehicle you have to get to the El Caracol community and then walk between 15 and 20 minutes to climb to the waterfall, which is located eight kilometers northwest of the municipality. Access conditions are good up to the community, but there is no signposting.

Peña La Goya viewpoint

We invite you to climb the rock The Goya, a viewpoint where you can walk its trails and enjoy its abundant vegetation and fauna; the panorama is impressive.

It is an extraordinary viewpoint at an approximate height of 1,200 meters above sea level, you can arrive by private vehicle from the town of Terrabona to the community of Caña de Castilla. On the site you will find two caves: that of the goblin and that of the tiger. From the viewpoint you will observe the city of Sébaco and Ciudad Darío.

The spring It is a nice place with crystal clear water. You can take a tour observing the flora and fauna characteristic of the municipality, there a cool climate prevails and is mainly visited by residents of the different surrounding communities, you can bathe in the fresh waters of the spring.

It is in the Caña de Castilla community, on the slopes of the Peña de la Goya viewpoint, it is 12 kilometers from the municipality of Terrabona.


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