The municipality of Teustepe is located between the municipalities of Santa Lucía and Tipitapa in the western part of the department of Boaco.

La Coca Hot Springs

La Coca Hot Springs

The orographic system of Teustepe is made up of the Cerro de Santo Domingo, also known as Cerro San Jerónimo, La Montañita, Cerro Común or El Picacho, which extends over plains, arid and stony. You can see the predominance of slopes of 30 to 50% throughout the municipality.

The municipality has a dry climate of tropical savanna. The temperature ranges between 26 ° and 27 ° C.

The rivers of the municipality are the Sapolmeca known as Asiento Viejo with hot springs in its route, Malacatoya, Fonseca river, El Barco, Asedades and Las Limas, in the latter it is formed by hydrographic slopes from the La Cuesta, Potrerillo and Cucirisne communities. Of these rivers, the most important is the Malacatoya River, which constitutes the main artery of the economy, it is born in the Cerro Alegre, in the jurisdiction of the San José de los Remates municipality, it has a length of 105 kilometers from its source to the mouth of the river Malacatoya, on the northwestern shore of the Great Lake of Nicaragua. At the same time, it supplies the “Martiniano Aguilar” or Las Canoas dam, along with the Fonseca and El Barco rivers.

The climate and the vegetation is variable according to the orographic accidents. The plains of Malacatoya and Teustepe are hot and dry. The main soils are clayey, silty, sandy, rocky, which are used mostly for different types of crops.

Teustepe River

Teustepe River

You can take a walk in the area to know the origin of the hot springs, taste delicious dishes, rest in a hammock while you contemplate nature and take a refreshing bath in the warm waters that will undoubtedly help you relax. It also offers accommodation service for those who want to extend their stay.

The center is open from Tuesday to Sunday from 7:00 in the morning to 5:30 in the afternoon. It is located at km 68 ½ of the Managua-Boaco highway in the Santa Sofía region.

Also visit the Las Canoas Recreational Center, It is only open to visitors for the Easter season, here is the dam known as Las Canoas and a Hydroelectric Plant, you can do sport fishing and boat trips. It is located at kilometer 51 of the Managua-Boaco highway.  

You can enjoy a refreshing dip in the spas La Peña, El Recodo, La Calera, La Cruz, La Concha, Las Presas and Acicaya.

The flora of the municipality is basically composed of shrubs with small foliage and some trees such as jícaro, jenízaro and black wood. In relation to the fauna, it is mainly characterized by garrobos and iguanas and other reptiles such as lizards and geckos, there is also the presence of a great variety of birds, the most notable being the guardabarranco.

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The Conception Fall

The Conception Fall

Meet the The Conception Fall, a waterfall of approximately 4 meters high that is formed from the waters of the Malacatoya River, here you can take a tour of the surroundings and take a dip in its waters. It is located 14 kilometers from the town of Teustepe, in the La Concepción region.

Another place you can enjoy is the Acicaya jumpIts waters come from the El Barco river that rises in the mountains of the municipality of San José de los Remates. The jump is approximately 20 meters high and 40 meters wide. Here you can admire the nature that surrounds it and take a refreshing bath in its waters. It is located 3 kilometers from the Maderas Negras community.

farm el arbolito- boaco

Farm "The Little Tree"

Also visit the La Coca Hot Springs, It has three large pools that when you immerse yourself in them you will have total relaxation, you will also enjoy the scenic view that surrounds the site. They are located in the El Llanito region, 4 kilometers from the head of the municipality.

Meet the Aguas Claras Recreational Center, a very famous place in the municipality where you can enjoy a day with family or friends in a lively and safe environment.

Farm the little tree: a very rural place in the municipality where you can enjoy a day with family or friends in a lively and safe environment, located in the San Diego region.

Tourist Inns Las Canoas Ecological Park: With 30 protagonists, marketers and producers of honey, the place is currently visited by national buyers and tourists, this site is one of the great potentials of Boaco.


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