El Coral is located in the extreme southeast of the department of Chontales. Much of the territory is flat, although there are some slightly undulating parts on the border with the municipalities of Villa Sandino, Muelle de los Bueyes and Nueva Guinea, among which Los Cerros Las Paces No. 2 (545 m.), El Chile (425 m.), Trago (392 m.) and Piedra Fina (236 m.).

The hydrographic network adds beauty and environmental services to the municipality. The main river is El Rama. There are also the rivers: Paso de Lajas, Guácimo, El Fósforo, El Granadino, El Venado and El Tamboral; and the La Juana, Grande, Caño Sucio and El Guapinol streams; all of them run towards the Caribbean slope.

The ecosystems found in the municipality are the tropical rain forest that is characterized by poor and shallow soil. It rains much of the year and the species have a very tall size, many palms and timber species appear. Agroforestry systems have been established where Musaceae (banana, plantain and banana) are mainly found, followed by other crops such as cocoa, citrus (orange, lemon, etc.) and coconut.

Among the species of plant species representative are: guarumo, ceiba, royal cedar, ponpojoche, helequeme, guabo, papaturro, zacatón, laurel, cortes, and corozo and coquito palms.

The species of fauna representative are: deer, cusuco, coatimundi, sloth, howler monkey, anteater, guatusa, orioles, herons, kingfishers, cuajipal, iguana, garrobo, guapate, mojarra, guabina and sabalete.

nature tourism

Cocoa cultivation

One of the main natural attractions of the municipality is the waterfalls and ravines, where you can take walks, contemplate nature, as well as aquatic recreation.

La Salto Grande waterfall, which is born from the Rama River and is characterized by having a humid tropical climate ideal for a refreshing swim. It can be seen from the highway bridge that goes to Nueva Guinea. It is located four kilometers from the municipal seat, in the Salto Grande region. Over the course of the Rama River, precisely in the neighborhood of the same name, the suspension bridge is an attraction to contemplate the surroundings from above. Throughout the river you can practice sport fishing.


Rural landscape in El Coral

As it is a municipality with a livestock tradition, there are some farms that provide services to learn about livestock activity, learn to milk, take excursions on foot or on horseback that will allow you to appreciate landscapes of grazing areas with scattered trees and small patches of forests, at the same time observe the fauna of the area.

El La Bocana Tourist Center It is the most popular spa in the municipality. It has two swimming pools, a dining room, cabins and some steps that are used to descend to the river that surrounds it, go ahead and enjoy this place where you can also take a boat tour on the river. It is located in the Colonia Río Rama community.


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