The municipality of El Jícaro is located in the northern part of Nicaragua, occupying the eastern central end of the department of Nueva Segovia. Due to its territorial extension, it ranks third among the 12 that make up the department, located 278 kilometers from the capital Managua.

Elena La Montañita viewpoint

Elena La Montañita viewpoint

The relief is mountainous and with many geographical features, including the El Duende hill (place of legends), La Cruz hill, La Florida hill and the San Francisco viewpoint, it also has some small plains.

In the municipality you will find pine forest, with the ocote pine as dominant, shrubs and grass areas in the lower part of the forest.

Likewise, agroforestry systems are present, mainly coffee, musaceae (banana, plantain, banana), citrus and mango. The livestock system is dedicated to the development of extensive livestock with pasture areas that use native species.

Among the representative species of fauna found in the area, the following stand out: deer, mallard, peccary, fox, rabbit, pigeons, buzzard, zanate, cusuco, guanco, parrot and chocoyos.

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San Francisco viewpoint

San Francisco viewpoint

Medicinal Hot Springs of Muyuca. These water sources have been known as medicinal hot springs or Aranjuez. Located in the Aranjuez community, where it is believed that the chief Muyuca bathed. In a pine forest setting, where there are hot springs that are born between the marble stones and pour their hot waters to the El Jícaro river. In this place you can take a very healthy bath, which will give you relaxation, in addition to the healing properties that these waters possess. It is located 11 kilometers from the town of El Jícaro.

Visit the Elena La Montañita viewpoint. An ideal place to be in contact with nature and observe beautiful panoramic views of the municipality and its mountain ranges, surrounded by a pleasant climate. It is located in the upper area of ​​the municipality.

At Jícaro river alleyYou will get to know the rock formations in the area, a very special feature of the site, where you can also do water activities, such as fishing, boating, bathing, and walks in the surroundings, this river crosses the entire municipality and is fed by several micro-basins .

El the mermaid jump It is a fresh water fall, where you can enjoy its waters and take tours of its surroundings, observe the flora and fauna, among other activities. To visit the waterfall you have to get to the La montanita community, located in Susucayán. To make these tours it is important to do it with a person who knows the place.

Explore the La Jumuyca hill and Cerro El Achiote, where in addition to making tours of nature, observing the flora and fauna, and its climate, it has the peculiarity that in its interior you can find many annatto bushes. They are located in the rural area of ​​the municipality. To visit this place you must make sure you are accompanied by a local guide or baqueano.

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Sugar Cane Mills

Sugar Cane Mills

Visit the Sugar Cane Mills in the Susucayan community. Here you can get to know several farms, including the Santa Lucía farm, El Encanto farm, which have cane mills and produce the various cane by-products in an artisanal way, such as alfeñiques, cachaça, sweet tied and “dying dreaming”. ”. You will be able to appreciate the entire elaboration process and taste some products. They are found in the surroundings of Susucayán.

Artisan Wine Factory: "Eskimay Wine" in this place you can learn about the process of making this wine and taste it. It also offers natural products. It is located in the community of San Pedro de Hula.

Community of San Pedro de Hula. A community of industrious artisans, it was the center of operations of the Army for the Defense of National Sovereignty, led by General Augusto C. Sandino. It is located at the entrance to Susucayán.

At viewpoint San Francisco You will be able to appreciate the beautiful panoramic views of the municipality and its surroundings, enjoying the pleasant climate of the area. It is located in the Los Manguitos community.


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