The municipality of Muy Muy is located in the south central part of the department of Matagalpa. The geography is made up of extensive mountainous terrain and some that are flat.

Esquirin Cannon

Esquirin Cannon

The vegetation is quite sparse, due to the advancement of agriculture and livestock. Among the sites that still conserve natural features is the Esquirin waterfall, located at an altitude of 358 m above sea level and eight kilometers from the town of Muy Muy, it is a cozy place surrounded by nature, with a strong waterfall that has greater intensity in the winter.

Another place of fascinating beauty is the cliffs of Olama, on the river of the same name, just a few kilometers on the road to Boaco. Here there are several natural waterfalls and pools that have been created over time.

El Olama Canyon it is a natural resource and also prehistoric. I discovered this natural wonder that dates back approximately 30 million years as a result of a volcanic eruption, I visited a series of pools and small streams, observe the flora and fauna characteristic of the place and enjoy beautiful panoramic views in the surroundings. You can also take a bath in its refreshing waters.

It is located 13 kilometers from the urban area, on the road to the city of Boaco. To get to the site you can take the buses to Boaco.

Serrania that borders the city

Serrania that borders the city

Visit the Cerro El Caballo where you can take a tour to reach the top, where you can observe beautiful landscapes of the municipality and the surrounding mountains, you will be in direct contact with nature, you can observe flora and fauna and take pictures. It is important that you be accompanied by a baqueano to do the tour. Located in the El Caballo region.

You can take a tour of the Cerro La Peña Nature Reserve, a rocky massif, from where you can observe large rock formations with trees on them, here you can go hiking to reach the streams where you can refresh yourself with a bath, observe the flora and fauna, enjoy its panoramic views and take pictures.


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