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The Borbollón

In the estuary loneliness y Salamina Beach, with dark sand beaches, species of turtles also nest. In this sector are the San Martín, Negro and Charco de Salamina estuaries.

La Bocana de San Diego is close to the beach of the same name, the tranquility of its waters favors kayaking, paddling and relaxation activities. It has a thick vegetation in its environment favoring the proliferation of marine and aerial fauna in the area. In San Diego you will find the ideal waves for surfing such as: pipeline, perfect tubes among others, in addition its waves tend to border 10 feet in height. They are suitable for professional surfers or beginners. San Diego is also one of the public beaches of the municipality, with basic conditions for your stay: ranches and dressing room Ideal for sun and beach.

It is located at kilometer 49 of the highway to Masachapa, 11 kilometers to the east. An all-weather road but it is recommended to use a 4 × 4 vehicle during the rainy months that go from May to November of each year.

In the municipality of Villa El Carmen you will find 25 kms. of virgin beaches, ideal for lovers of the beach, the sun, and nudism.

On the beach is the Estero San Martín, very attractive for the sighting of herds of lizards.

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El Borbollón spring

You can enjoy ecological and commercial accommodations, food and beverage service, Surf lessons and fun for the experts. It has nurseries for turtles, breeding and natural conservation of iguanas and garrobos.

El Borbollón ecotourism park

For lovers of rural tourism, we invite you to visit this site, where a variety of flora (129 species of plants), trees of considerable height, varieties of coludos and palm trees of singular beauty stand out. The fauna is made up of 27 species of birds, 3 of mammals, 12 species of reptiles, 3 of amphibians and 4 species of fish.The Borbollón offers the opportunity to carry out hiking activities, scientific tourism, bird watching, canopy activities, picnic and even camping. It is located in the urban area, 4 kms. To the East. It can be visited by making an appointment with the Municipal Mayor's Office.

El Salto Recreational Center

This family recreation center is public, especially for excursions. Here you can find a waterfall of natural water, ranches and rest benches, as well as typical food service of the municipality and if you prefer, tourists can attend with their food already prepared to be consumed in a safe and joyful environment. Km 41 road to Pochomil, Puente El Salto.


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