The municipality of Villa Sandino is located in the southeastern part of the department of Chontales. Among the most important heights are the Santa Clara, Cuchilla Santa Clara, El Murciélago, Quinama, San Rafael, La Gateada, Arrancabarba and Peñas Blancas hills.

Among the places with mountainous areas are La Angostura, El Riíto, Muluco, Las Pavas, El Guabo, Garrobo Grande, El Curco, Muhan and El Chilamate.

El Zapote River

Natural attractions. The Mico River crosses the municipal territory forming beautiful pools such as: El Zapote, Agua Buena, La Angostura, Paso Hondo and El Cangrejal. Even when there are more visits in the summer season, it is also attractive during the winter season, as the vegetation is more lush and there are species of crustaceans such as freshwater crabs and leafy trees grow on the shores that give a special touch. To the environment. This mighty river joins its flow to that of the Rama and Siquia to form the historic Escondido River.

Muhan, El Chilamate and La Tigra are other important water resources. The waters of the El Cacao river, near the El Curco hill, form pronounced waterfalls in land covered by dense humid forests.

The representative flora species of the municipality are: laurel, royal and male cedar, mahogany, oak, pochote, espavel, guayabón, espavel, cortes, carao, black wood, medlar and water stick, which alternate with ornamental and medicinal plants. .

La fauna representative: white-tailed deer, peccary, squirrel, cusuco, howler monkey, ocelot, zapoyol and cancán chocoyos, buzzard, sloth, pigeons, orioles and güises.

Valleys of Villa Sandino

Tourism rural

Know Santa Lucia farm, with 208 blocks of extension, in which you can take a tour or a horseback ride. It is located one kilometer northwest of Villa Sandino. It has infrastructure to camp in it.

La Cucaracha agrotourism farm, in the Las Hamacas community, allows the enjoyment of a diversity of productive activities that interact sustainably with their natural environment. In addition to the cows, the farm has an enclosure for deer, pigs and duck birds. There are fields of pineapple, banana, oranges, lemons, breadfruit, pears, mangoes, cocoa and pejibaye.

Farm El Socorro It is a cattle property in whose fields you can see indigenous engravings. It has a refreshing water spring that is used for consumption by the inhabitants of the farm, which can be visited in its different areas. It is located nine kilometers from Villa Sandino, on the road to Camoapa, in the La Angostura region.

You can also enjoy the Stone House farm, with an area of ​​55 blocks destined for agricultural, forestry and fruit production. It also preserves samples of indigenous engravings.


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