mountains El Ocotal_santarosa_naturaleza2The Santa Rosa del Peñón municipality stands out in the northern region for its mineral wealth.

The geographical features of the municipality are made up of the mountains of El Ocotal, El Jicote, El Picacho, Azacualpa, Quebrachal, El Confite and El Ocotillo.

The attractive areas for observing the natural elements are made up of the mountains of the municipality, which, although they do not have many preserved forests, are excellent viewpoints of the Pacific plain and the mountainous areas of the center of the country.

Sinacapa River_santarosa_naturaleza5The hydrographic network is made up of the Sinecapa, Huacalpizque and El Quebrachal rivers, as well as the Mina La India, Las Cañas, Coyol and Ocotillo streams. The Sinecapa river crosses the municipality and is the largest. livestock system, pastures and shrubs It is made up of the sites for raising livestock. The land is a generally deforested area that is used for pastures, for the permanence of native or improved grass.

Seedling of Papaya_santarosa_naturaleza4The dry forest intervened It is restricted to some places in the mountains and places where the producer has been encouraged to leave land in rest. Meanwhile the agroforestry system, It is formed by fruit trees of citrus, mangoes, avocado and papayas, which are the most used.

You can see the tigüilote, guácimo de terneo, guácimo de molenillo, cornizuelo, jocote, hawthorn, macuelizo oak, sardinillo, helequeme, black wood, neem and eucalyptus. species are generalists, among them we can mention: garrobos, rabbits, jars, bells, squirrels, bare-tailed foxes, skunks, cusucos, coatis, querques, buzzards, pijules, güises, chocoyos, carrots, magpies, zenzontles and guardabarrancos.

The municipality is settled on deposits of gold, lime and gypsum. The extraction of gold and gypsum is carried out, but the gold is made through rustic mining or güirisería.


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