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The department of Nueva Segovia is the north par excellence, because before the National War, in 1856, it covered the entire north. 

Pine forest

Nueva Segovia was created in 1858, it has a colonial, patriotic and revolutionary history. Its coffee is an international reference; his folk music is known nationally; its landscapes, rivers, mountains, flora, fauna and its gold are tourist potentials; its people are hospitable and progressive.

The pine tree is representative of the department, that is why Nueva Segovia is called the “City of pines”.

Its departmental head is Ocotal, with a cool and pleasant climate, it is the capital of Las Segovias; Each municipality has its own charm for its food, traditions and stories, let's visit: Old City with its Sanctuary of the Lord of Miracles; Dipilto and the Virgin of La Piedra; El Jícaro and its historical ruins "El mineral de San Albino", Wiwilí and its imposing Río Coco.

Jalapa and its San Fernando del Maíz National Fair; Santa María and its beautiful landscapes; whose inhabitants are descended from Europeans, the highest point in Nicaragua is located, it is the El Mogotón hill with a height of 2106 m asl, becoming a spectacular natural viewpoint.

I jump the Rosario, Murra

Quilalí and its El Chipote hill, scene of battles by General Sandino in defense of national sovereignty; Murra, birthplace of General Juan Gregorio Colindres; Macuelizo, productive municipality par excellence, Mozonte and its colorful clay crafts and Ocotal with its proud park considered a national nursery. 

It is located 226 kilometers from Managua, it is a border department with Honduras, very close is the customs post "Las Manos" with great migratory flow.

Ruins of the mines of San Albino.

The Spanish conquerors saw its landscapes and fell in love with its geography, the first town of Las Segovias was called “Ciudad Vieja”, founded by Diego de Castañeda.

Today these ruins are covered by the mountain and time, at the bottom of the city of Quilalí near El Jícaro, constitutes a testimony of its colonial past.

Its gold mines still live in the memory of the Güiriseros, this trade is still carried out; his polkas and mazurcas are danced in the peasant chojines; their coffee has won international awards with the Cup of Excellence. Tourism is gaining ground, it has potential throughout the territory.

I came to Nueva Segovia, I got to know this part of Nicaragua that we all love.

Municipalities of Nueva Segovia

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