Our Lady of Asunción Parish Church

Our Lady of Asunción Parish Church

Our Lady of Assumption Parish Church: Good of high patrimonial value; Construction began in 1803 and was completed in 1870.

It is colonial style and its main facade is baroque; inside it houses images from the colonial era, among which the Virgin of the Assumption stands out, brought from Ciudad Antigua, Guatemala, the Nazarene Jesus, La Dolorosa and La Santísima Trinidad, these last three donated by the local parishioners. This temple, due to its importance, has been declared Historical Patrimony of the Nation in 2008.

The Grotto of the Virgin of Guadalupe, of patrimonial and religious interest; built by Monsignor Madrigal, in honor of the Virgin of Guadalupe; the date of construction is unknown. At the top is a chapel, where devout parishioners gather for their prayers.

The Grotto of the Virgin of Guadalupe

The Grotto of the Virgin of Guadalupe

Chapel Jesus the Worker: Inside are the images of the Divine Child, Jesus Crucified and the Virgin Immaculate Conception. It was built by Monsignor Madrigal.

Chapel Mary Queen: Built by Monsignor Madrigal; colonial style, recently restored; Religious activities such as Sunday masses, catechisms, talks and meetings are held here.

Augusto C. Sandino House of Culture: High heritage value; built in 1890. It is of colonial style and vernacular construction system. It is a historical building, in 1927-28 it functioned as a command of the North American marines; in the time of Somoza, it was the headquarters of the National Guard and is currently the House of Culture of the municipality.

Historic building where the Municipal Mayor's Office works. Also known as the Casa de Alto, a cultural asset of high heritage value, colonial style and vernacular construction system. It was built at the beginning of the 1927th century. In 1979 it was the command of the US Marines and the National Guard, and from XNUMX it became the offices of the Municipal Government, until today. Place of historical and cultural reference of the city.

Old House or Old House: Selected as the oldest house in the city of Ocotal, with 194 years of existence. It retains its original construction system. It is a cultural historical reference house of the municipality.

Urban tourism

Ocotal historic center

Visit the renowned July 16 ParkIt has a botanical garden, unique in its style, recognized as the park with the greatest natural beauty and diversity in the whole country, you can find all kinds of plant and tree species from the area, duly labeled.

Touring the park you can see the monuments dedicated to La Madre, Rubén Darío, Monseñor Antonio Madrigal Monument; Monument to the Teacher, and Monument to the Segovian Worker.

In front of the Alfonso Moncada Guillén Hospital is located the peace monument, built in 1934.

San Francisco monument, established in 1945, in honor of Saint Francis of Assisi. In the highest part, the statue of San Francisco de Asís was installed and at its base it has a sphere with the legend “Peace and Good. April 15, 1945.”

House of Culture "Augusto C. Sandino

House of Culture "Augusto C. Sandino

In addition to being able to get to know the historic center of the municipality, the park is equipped with benches, drinking water, electricity, and a kiosk. It is ideal to visit with family and friends. It is located in the urban area, in front of the Catholic Church.

If you like to practice sports, the municipality has the Emilio Gutierrez Gutierrez Sports Complex, as well as Sports Courts, where you can practice your favorite sport, as well as a baseball stadium and two soccer stadiums, where you can enjoy a good game that fills you with adrenaline. There are teams that play in the local leagues, mainly on weekends. They are located in the urban area of ​​the municipality. The municipality also has playgrounds in the rural area.

July 19 Park

For the traditional and patron saint festivities of the municipality you must visit the bull barrier, is activated for these festivals, here you will enjoy bull riding, musical shows, you can taste the local cuisine in the surrounding kiosks and enjoy the festivities. It is located in the urban area.



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