Pine forests

The municipality of Ocotal is the municipal seat of the department of Nueva Segovia, it is located in the area known as "Interior Highlands", in the small valley of San Nicolás del Potrero, near the confluence between the Dipilto River and the Coco River. It is characterized by rugged relief to the north and south, plateaus to the west, and a valley in the center. It is located at an altitude of 650 meters above sea level.

Among the natural attractions near the town center is the Coco River, where you can take a refreshing swim in its waters during the winter and observe the surrounding flora and fauna. Here you can enjoy these waters in the El Saltarín pool, take walks in the surroundings and get to know the communities surrounding the Coco River.

One of them is the Apatoro viewpoint, is about 900 meters high and from here you can see a panoramic view of Ocotal and the valley where the majestic Mogotón sits, 2,107 meters above sea level, the landscape of the highest mountainous horizon in Nicaragua.

It is advisable to visit the place in the company of a local guide, it is located on the north side of the city, 4 kilometers away, on the north Pan-American highway.

Panoramic from La Fortaleza

Another site is the La Cruz hill viewpoint, located to the north of the city, and which has equally impressive views. Its top is a natural viewpoint from where you can appreciate the town of Ocotal and its surroundings, as well as go hiking and observe flora and fauna.

It is also found La Fortaleza, a small hill 55 meters high, located to the east of the city, from which a beautiful view of the city and its surroundings can be appreciated.

Eight kilometers from the urban area is the Las Tres Señorita hills, which they share with the municipality of Totogalpa and Santa María. It has an impressive natural environment, adorned with rocky walls and mythical legends.

An ideal place for short and adventurous excursions, contemplating the landscape, the local flora and fauna. To make your tour possible it is necessary to be accompanied by a local guide.



The representative forest of the municipality is the pine, is dominated by the ocote pine species and grasses in the lower part of the forest. In a few sectors it is associated with oak species.

The representative flora species are the montero avocado, jobo, chilamate, laurel, mahogany, pochote areno, camibar, white blood, helequeme, maría, red blood, chaperno, male cedar, guácimo, nancitón, oak, sparrowhawk, white strawberry tree, palo of water, ceiba, quebracho, guanacaste, tapatamal, coyote, guásimo, tigüilote and guapinol.

The representative species of the fauna are garrobos, hares, iguana, guatusa, parakeet, grackle, buzzard, blue dove and rattlesnake.


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