En meals The municipality recognizes as traditional meals corn rice, marriage, caure or nacarigüe, tender bean stews, mustard makenguey, pork skin in bean soup and chicken soup with coarse-grained ground corn, pisque tamales, güirila and old Indian.

Drinks Preferred are horchata, tiste, pozol, pozol with milk, pinolillo, jícaro seed, corn chicha, rice with pineapple and corn gruels, young corn atol, warm white corn and warm corn with cocoa.

The breads Traditional are the donuts, donuts, marquesote, simple breads and sweets.

The sweets from this area are the milk cartons, candies, mango jelly, alfeñiques, sugar cane sugar and the famous meringues, which for their flavor and quality are highly coveted by the inhabitants.


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