The platillos Local traditional dishes are the montuca, old Indian, stuffed chickens, nacatamal, yoltamal, anafre, pozol head, corn rice, marriage, caure or nacarigüe, scrambled or stuffed empanadas, gallo pinto, güirila.

Stews of tender beans, pipián, ayote and chilote corn. You can also taste meatball soup, curd soup, bean soup, pork rinds in bean soup with chicory and rice, and chicken soup with coarsely ground corn.

Pinol with milk

The loaves of bread favorites in the area are the perrerreque, puff pastries, rosquetes, pupusas, semitas de trigo and the donuts stand out, especially the popular dona donuts Carmelite and those of Maura Gutiérrez, who has been making delicious donuts, puff pastries, empanadas and sweet corn dough bread for more than 20 years.

At Lóleo Eventos, candy store Traditional include buñuelos, cusnaca de jocotes, cajeta de piñonato, cooked jocote, squash in honey, meringue, syrups at Easter time, candies, mango and meringue jelly, among others.

All the  drinks of the municipality are el corn atol, tiste, pozol, warm pinol, pinol cooked with milk, corn chicha, wines made from different fruits and rum from cususa.


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