Lord of Miracles

Lord of Miracles

The patron saint festivities are celebrated in honor of El Señor de Los Milagros. They take place from January 14 to 20 and it is an eminently religious festival.

The festivities begin on the 10th, with the lowering of the image of the Lord of Miracles from his throne, to be venerated by his devotees. On January 20 the Holy Eucharist is celebrated and then it goes out in procession, making a tour of the main streets of the city.

Thousands of pilgrims participate to pay promises for favors or miracles received. These festivals differ from those held in other municipalities because they are eminently religious and do not allow for other types of recreational celebrations.

Ciudad Antigua celebrates on May 12, the Day of the Cross, where the parishioners make a pilgrimage to Cerro La Cruz, and on December XNUMX they visit La Gruta to venerate the Virgin of Guadalupe.


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