St. James

The municipality of Sébaco celebrates the traditional festival of its patron saint St. James, July 24 and 25. These festivities begin with the visit of the image through all the neighborhoods of Sébaco in the traditional "Demanda del Santo".

The 24th begins with the visit of the image of Santiago, accompanied by local devotees and others who come from the different communities, towards the old hermitage of Sébaco Viejo. The procession is accompanied by philharmonic bands and the traditional gunpowder and rockets. On the main day, the 25th, the image of the saint comes out after mass.

Sébaco also celebrates with joy every September 28, one more anniversary of having been elevated to the city, a popular festival is held where the entire population participates.

In this same month, the last Sunday, the Bible day with a tour of the main streets of the municipality.

La Virgin of the Conception It is celebrated on December 07 and 08 with the traditional “Screaming” in the parish of the same name.

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