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Saint Sebastian Martyr.

The patron saint festivities are celebrated in honor of Saint Sebastian Martyr; On January 8, the festivities begin with a happy party for the enjoyment, enjoyment and recreation of the population in general.

A religious novena is said from January XNUMX, the special day is Saturday with the arrival of the bishop. The villagers receive him at the entrance of the municipality with the joy of the philharmonics and the procession in honor of San Sebastián.

On that day, the sacrament of confirmation is performed for children and adolescents in urban and rural areas. On Sunday the celebrations culminate with solemn mass and baptisms. In the festivities, which last four days, people from all the rural communities of the municipality participate.

Other festivities that take place in this municipality are in honor of San José, on March 19; and the celebration of the Day of the Bible, which takes place on the fourth Sunday in September, with the reading of the Holy Bible for 24 hours. This event is organized by evangelical congregations.


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