San Sebastián

The festivities They are held in honor of San Sebastián, from January 6 to 24. They begin with the entrance of the canes and the poster, in this activity the floats of the candidates for queen of the festivities parade, the mounted ones, accompanied by the population on foot and on bicycles.

The gray hair They were the raw material for the construction of the barrier, although today the reeds are no longer used for that purpose, the entrance of the reeds is still a symbol of the beginning of all the local festivals.

January 10 is the descent of the image of Saint Sebastian from his throne, to deliver it to the religious committee and then proceeds to visit the different neighborhoods. From 11 to 19 is the ninth, in this activity San Sebastián Chiquito comes out

January 19 is the cap. San Sebastián Chiquito enters the city and thousands of devotees and promisers walk from Juigalpa to Acoyapa. At night there is a vigil, Christian concerts and mass. The next day there is a solemn mass and procession.

The Virgin of the Rosary It is celebrated in October and the festive program includes religious, cultural and bullfighting activities.


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