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Catholic people venerate Saint Joseph

The patron saint festivities are in honor of San José, they take place on March 17, 18 and 19; beginning with the descent of the image of San José, accompanied by the rhythm of the philharmonic bands and the exclamations of the parishioners, Who causes so much excitement? Saint Joseph, husband of Mary! while the image is danced by the promising ones, to the sound of music and songs alluding to the festival; the people rejoice and applaud profusely; the bells are ringing insistently.

During the celebration, targets, processions, masses, ribbon races are held and culminate with dancing parties during the night.

Festivities are also celebrated in honor of San Antonio on June 13, the celebration of the Virgin of Fatima on May 13; the Virgen de la Merced, on September 24, traditional festivals that stand out for the procession where only men participate accompanying the Virgin on the tour through the streets of the town, and San Francisco on October 04.


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