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Lord of Miracles of Esquipulas.

The patron saint festivities of El Sauce are in honor of the Lord of the Miracles of Esquipulas.

They begin in the second week of the month of January and end on the 19th (their main celebration day is the 15th) with a procession and solemn mass; Thousands of people from all over Nicaragua and the Central American region come to this municipality to raise their prayers to the Black Christ.

Pilgrims come on foot, wagons and carts, accompanying this miraculous image, it is the most important religious festival for the Sauceños.

The image runs through the main streets of the municipality, where the believing population makes beautiful religious paintings based on sawdust and natural flowers on the ground to await the “passing” of the Saint. The image arrives at his parish and a Eucharistic mass is celebrated.

The festivities in honor of Santiago and Santa Ana are also celebrated on July 25 and 26, where the population makes their horseback rides through the main streets, hugging races, ribbon races and the equestrian parade with his girlfriend on the 26th. July, this tradition comes from the custom of the owners of the large cattle ranches in the west of the municipality, devotees of Santiago Apóstol, of carrying out these celebrations with their mounted laborers and that little by little the custom was transferred to the city, the first herds Cattle ranchers entered in colonial times through the port of El Realejo and spread through the lowlands of Chinandega including Somotillo, Villanueva and El Sauce.


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