The municipal festivities are dedicated to St. James or "El Patron Santiago", popularly called "Chaguito".

July 25 is the most important day, solemn mass is celebrated, then the images of Santiago, San Sebastián, San Marcos and San Antonio come out in procession escorted by the traditional dances of Los Diablitos and Las Inditas accompanied by thousands of people. During the journey, Santiago was dressed in capes, ribbons and miracles while the promising congregation danced in front of the image. They are also accompanied by the traditional dances that come from Diriamba; El Toro Huaco, El Güegüense, El Gigante, Las Inditas, El Viejo and La Vieja.

Santiago's demand: This pilgrimage takes place between June 29 and July 12 of each year; According to history Santiago Matamoros is the name given to the iconographic representation of the Apostle Saint James the Greater when he is represented as he is described in medieval chronicles, according to which he intervened in favor of the Christians against the Muslims during the battle de Clavijo (May 23, 844).

Other religious festivities in the municipality

Sweet Name of Jesus Festivities (First Sunday in January)

Festivities of the Holy Cross in Huehuete (May 3)

Festivities of San Antonio (June 13)

Festivities of the Assumption of Mary, Guisquiliapa community (August 14)


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