The Procession of Silence: It takes place every Good Friday at El Laborío Church. It is a representation of the steps of Jesus, the meeting in the upper room and the prayer in the garden.

The faithful gather at midnight in the atrium of the church, accompanied by drums and the prayer of the followers, lighting themselves with candles. The tiara is carried by four people in white suits and some go in the procession with their eyes blindfolded. On the route of the march stanzas are proclaimed that narrate the steps of Jesus and songs.

Procession of San Benito_leon_fiestasp_gal2

Procession of San Benito.

Good Friday in Barrio San Felipe: There is a procession that represents the passion of Christ, on a platform with 16 dolls representing angels, a Nazarene Christ, three Marías and La Dolorosa.

It starts at 08:00 in the morning and runs through some streets of San Felipe, this tradition originated a century ago during a cholera epidemic, when the San Felipe neighborhood promised in exchange that the plague will end.

Chiquita ScreamIt is celebrated on August 14, as penance in payment of a promise made to the Virgin Mary for the protection and arrest of the violent eruption of the Cerro Negro volcano over the city, in July 1947.

Feast of the Virgin de la Mercedpatron saint of León, it is celebrated in September, offering the traditional masses for women at 04:00 in the afternoon and at 05:00 in the morning for men, throughout the month. On September 24, the faithful celebrate the image of the Virgin in procession through the main streets of the city.

Feast of San Jerónimo: It is celebrated on September 29 and 30, the indigenous customs of the Sutiaba neighborhood are remembered, the parishioners move the image of the saint, from the cathedral to the Church of Sutiaba. They spend the entire night of the 29th and on the 30th they return it to the cathedral in procession, accompanied by philharmonic music and drums.

Saint Benedict leon_fiestasp3

San Benito.

Procession of San Benito: It is celebrated on Holy Monday, in honor of San Benito protector of the sick and the afflicted, leaving the San Francisco Church. Offerings of gold and silver are placed at his feet, in the form of body parts that were healed, and bells are rung in his honor, as a sign of supplication.

The promising ones, who are called lights, are dressed in white with a black ribbon on one arm and waist, either on their knees or with their eyes closed, barefoot, with black candles in their hands and others with brooms to clean their He passed.

Chicha is distributed in the houses and as a requirement to request it, you must proclaim "Give me chicha in the name of San Benito."

Shout to the Virgin of the Conception: takes place on December 7th. This festival, which is celebrated throughout Nicaragua, has special relevance in this municipality from which it originates.

The party begins at 06:00 in the afternoon, with the cry of the bishop in the atrium of the Cathedral, followed by fireworks, dancing with naked bulls and chicheros singing to the Virgin, sound of the city bells and sirens local.

Then the people walk the streets with great joy, shouting at each door where they have altars for the Virgin. Who causes so much joy? and answering: the Conception of Mary. The inhabitants of the houses receive the devotees with a "toast", popularly called "the cap", which are gifts, food, drinks and sweets.

This celebration is similar to that of August 14, with the difference that that of August is for the Virgin of the Assumption and that of December 7 for the Virgin of the Conception, it lasts until midnight on the 8th.

Altars Contest: es dedicated to the Virgin Immaculate Conception of Mary and organized by the House of Culture for 25 years, on the night of December 7.



It is the opportunity for the devotees to let their imagination run wild in the decoration of their altars. The image of the Virgin must be a statuette and the most attractive is awarded if they meet the traditional criteria.

Party in honor of Santa Lucia: It begins with a triduum of masses prior to December 12, when a dawn is celebrated at night, animated with fireworks and “naked” bulls that, together with the hubbub of the fair in honor of the saint, fill the atmosphere with joy.

The festival culminates on December 13, when the procession is celebrated in the morning followed by the solemn mass. That night the promises to the saint are paid with the purchase and offer of vows. Vows are little eyes placed on the ribbon that hangs from Santa Lucia's hand.

The "Feria de Santa Lucía" is also held, where mechanical games arrive that are accompanied by games of chance and arches with food sales.


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