The municipal seat is the place where the population expresses its Christian fervor. Testimony of this are its colorful and lively religious celebrations

La Patron Saint Anne: legacy of the Franciscan friars, Santa Ana is the patron saint of the municipality. Its festivities are celebrated from July 23 to 26. During these holidays, religious celebrations are carried out through the service of masses and prayers, and food, sweets and soft drinks are distributed. There is also no lack of stripped bulls.

Interior of Iglesia Parroquial Santa Ana_moyogalpa_galeria_fiestasp1

Interior of Iglesia Parroquial Santa Ana

On the 23rd, the image is taken to the community Dove, one kilometer from Moyogalpa, where they watch her all night with the respective distribution of food, drink and sweets. On the 24th, the miraculous image leaves the La Paloma community towards the shore of the lake, near the pier, and remains awake in the house of one of the devotees.

The next day she is taken to the temple, touring the main streets of Moyogalpa in the company of the traditional dance. de "inditas", which are more than 30 women of different ages dressed in brightly colored suits, hats, necklaces and flowers. They sing songs to the Patron Saint, paying their promises, as do the hundreds of presents who on the way ask Santa Ana to grant them a miracle. All this to the rhythm of philharmonic music and a lot of gunpowder.

Parish Church Santa Ana _moyogalpa_galeria_fiestasp2

Santa Ana Parish Church

At the end of the procession in the atrium of the parish, the population offers an evening with dances and typical songs, where with much enthusiasm and joy artistic gifts are offered to his venerated image. On the 26th there is a solemn mass and a procession with the Virgin.

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