The patron saint festivities in honor of San Pedro Apóstol and San Pablo, take place on June 29.

Saint Peter the Apostle

Saint Peter the Apostle

Among the activities, the pilgrimages stand out, in gratitude for the miracles received and the solemn procession of the image through the streets of the town. In relation to the cultural and recreational festivities are the traditional bullfights and bull riding.

December 12 is the festival in honor of Our Lady of Guadalupe, considered as the protector of indigenous peoples.

The faithful devotees of the Virgin of Guadalupe they pray the Holy Rosary in the morning in the Old Chapel located at the top of the so-called "Loma Santa", in the north end of the town.

An unprecedented activity, which only takes place at these festivities, is the parade and Best Donkey Contest.

On October 11, in Mozonte they carry out the Fair of Indigenous Interculturality, celebrating the last cry of freedom.


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