Virgin of Perpetual Help

On June 27, the spiritual festivals are celebrated in honor to Virgin of Perpetual Help, for her mass and procession are performed, bullfights also stand out.

He too October 7 they celebrate the Virgen del Rosario, in the community of El Rosario.

Other traditional religious celebrations in Murra are the Purísimas, Holy Week, Birth of the Child Jesus, Day of the Cross, among others.

Since 2005, in September, the corn fair in order to rescue the customs and traditions of the local culture, especially the corn-based cuisine: tamales, atol, chicha, pozol, güirilas, roasted and cooked corn, as well as the famous Murra nacatamales. In this fair there are also contests for the best costumes made of cob, grains and corn leaves, as well as the election of the King and Queen of the Corn Fair. There is also a carnival, craft exhibitions, horseback riding and sporting events.

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