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Patron saint festivities in honor of Santiago Apóstol.

The main religious festival is in honor of Santiago Apostle, which lasts for 15 days. These celebrations begin on July 19 and end on July 28.

The festival is celebrated with processions full of the religious fervor of the settlers, especially on July 25, when the image is paraded on a white horse, evoking the battle that the Apostle Santiago had against the Moors. He is accompanied in procession by the traditional group of The Devils, songs are sung and danced to the sound of the philharmonic bands.

These festivities develop an extensive religious, artistic and cultural program that includes novenaries of masses, prayers and candles of the Holy Rosary. In addition, the traditional bullfights and bullfights, ribbon races, folkloric carnival, craft fair, pet parade, dance parties and others.

These festivities are also celebrated in the communities of the municipality, on different dates of the year in honor of patron saints such as the Virgin of Fátima, in the south coast sector; San Rafael Archangel in Puerto Sandino; Santo Domingo in La Trinidad and Copaltepe, and San José in Calle de Los Besos.

St. James

Santiago Apostle.

Religious festivals are celebrated in many towns in Nicaragua, but in Nagarote it is the only one where there are four images of the Saint and one of them dressed as a military man. In 1896, during the uprising of the Liberals, General Zelaya defeated his enemies in Nagarote, with the help and protection of Patron Santiago, for this support General Zelaya the next day under the leafy genízaro tree, handed over the uniform of soldier, the epaulettes of his rank, and the distinctive saber of power and authority to Santiago Apóstol, naming him Captain General, so the revered image shows the original characteristic of wearing a military costume.

One of the very popular events is the riding and the traditional bullfighting festival. The image of the Patron Saint is received with great enthusiasm, before starting with the exhibition of bullfighting art with copies from all over Nicaragua.

In June they celebrate the traditional festivals of San Juan, San Pedro and San Pablo, the images go through the streets of Nagarote, together with the horsemen and they carry out the famous duck races.

Palo Grande party: Since 1951, on December 31, the genuine "Fiesta del Palo Grande" has been celebrated around El Genízaro, which is located in the center of the city, in the park of the same name. That day a cultural program is developed that includes the election of the Queen of El Genízaro, with the participation of young women from the different neighborhoods. Each one represents a month of the year and the male adolescents ride bicycles through the ribbons with which they will choose the young woman of their choice. In 1993 the largest branch of this tree fell off, and the idea arose of making replicas of indigenous articles that would be perpetuated with the wood of the legendary tree. Among the objects already made are a sculpture of Cacique Nagrandano, in natural size, as well as that of the Indita de Nagarote. Pre-Columbian vessels, weapons used by the Indians and the Spanish at the time of colonization, have also been made.


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