The patron saint festivities are celebrated in honor of Our Lady of the Assumption, they begin the first weekend of August of each year. They begin with the delivery of the Tajona to the Mayordomo, it is a tradition that signifies the opening of the festival.

Virgin of the Assumption

Virgin of the Assumption

In religious festivities, traditional cultural and recreational activities take place, among them the bullfighting and plaza festivals, the agricultural, craft and gastronomic fairs, as well as the parade of floats through the main streets of the city, soccer cups, tournament rooster international, Marian festival, election of the queen of the festivities, the traditional parade of the inditas or dressed donkeys organized by the Segovia City Commission.

The patron saint festivities conclude with a carnival, equestrian parade and music concert with local and national groups.

There are also other festivities of a religious nature that are very important in the religiosity of the locals, such as the celebrations of Santa Eduviges, and the Blood of Christ, which is celebrated in a big way.

The Divine Child: In this celebration the minors of Divino Niño are dressed. There is a mass and then a lunch for all the children and then the Purísima is celebrated.

Segovian Night: Traditional event that takes place every month; Its purpose is to rescue the culture and traditions of the municipality. As part of these events, cultural shows of music and dance are developed; gastronomic and craft fair, which take place on Central Street. This event is dedicated to a relevant event of the month.

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