The most important religious festivals in the urban area are dedicated to the patron saint Saint Nicholas of Tolentino, in their respective Parish Church, which take place from September 18 to XNUMX. The celebrations consist of a series of cultural, religious and historical activities, with more than a century of tradition.

The primary religious tributes are held on September 10, with the traditional candle serenade to the saint from 03:00 in the morning.

There is also a solemn procession to the hill of San Nicolás de Tolentino, where the Momotombo volcano is blessed in order to keep it appeased, the parishioners and the bulls are also blessed.

Other activities related to the festivities are baptisms and confirmations.


Saint Nicholas of Tolentino

Other holidays 

After the rediscovery of León Viejo, four decades ago, the tradition was established that the Virgen de la Merced visits its first church, located in the ruins of the old capital of Nicaragua, on the second Sunday in November. The image of the miraculous virgin is accompanied by musical bands and hundreds of parishioners from the surrounding municipalities, who pay promises for favors received.

The image runs through the main streets of Puerto Momotombo and the real street of León Viejo, up to the ruins of La Merced Church, where the only mass of the year is celebrated in that historic site.

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