San Jose

San Jose

All the  festivities are celebrated on March 18 and 19, in honor of San Jose. On the first day the image is brought from the Caulatú community to Quilalí and on the 19th is the procession, later a solemn mass is held.

Among the traditional festivities of the municipality, the pilgrimage, dedicated to the Divine Child. It is held on July 20, the devout parishioners transfer the image from the town of Quilalí to the community of Panalí. It is customary to prepare traditional dishes that are made in celebration of the Divine Child.

San Bartolo Corn Fair: It takes place from August 20 to 26, during the sweet corn harvest, where you can enjoy the exquisite dishes and traditional drinks, made from corn. In addition, you can enjoy the presentations of the dairy cows in the area, parades of horses and carts, cultural presentations and the election of the Queen of Corn.


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