Virgin of Fatima

The festivities are held on May 12 and 13 in honor of the Virgin of Fatima, patron of the town. The most relevant part of this festival is the descent of the Virgin from the Kuskawas community to the Parish Church on the 12th; On her pilgrimage she is animated with songs and phrases alluding to the Virgin, who is received with great joy and devotion by her parishioners.

At night the traditional vigil or dawn is made, in which prayers of thanks and requests are made to their patron saint, which are accompanied by songs alluding to the festival. As part of these festivals, there are arches around the parish, where the local gastronomy is offered.

On the 13th, the caravan of riders, cyclists and motorcyclists takes place, who with great fervor go animated with gunpowder games. On this day, first communion, confirmations and marriages take place. At night the image of the Virgin on pilgrimage comes out.

Other festivities pay tribute to the Virgin of Guadalupe on December 12, Bible Day on September 29, and San Antonio.

The municipal festivals

These parties are commemorative, the anniversary of having been elevated Rancho Grande to municipality is celebrated; It is one of the most important festivals of the year, it lasts several days and a series of religious, cultural, social and political festivities are held, all the inhabitants of the municipalities meet and are visited by other towns in the department and the country.


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