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The municipality of Rivas has a great religious tradition and stands out for having a great particularity that very few municipalities in Nicaragua have, and there are four religious festivals during the year.

Patron saint Jesus of the Rescue, Its festivities begin from the first Friday of Lent, where parishioners from all over Nicaragua begin to arrive at the National Shrine of Jesús del Rescate in Popoyuapa, a place where parishioners have gathered to worship the image for more than 300 years.

One of the most beautiful and picturesque activities that stand out in this holiday, are the "Pilgrimage Wagons" that leave the departments of Masaya, Granada, Carazo, among other places.

This pilgrimage of carts is already an icon of the religious identity of the people of Rivera. The largest congregation of devotees occurs on Friday of sorrows, where they accompany the procession of the Holy Viacrucis through the main streets of the municipality of Rivas, ending the tour at the Jesús del Rescate National Sanctuary.

Activities in honor Saint Peter and Saint Paul, with more than 50 years of being carried out and it is held on June 29 of each year in the La Puebla neighborhood (on March 3 they also celebrate San Antonio), where the candle is made in the Plaza San Pedro, they are held horse races, horse races and the coronation of his girlfriend, activities organized by Nacho Corea and Porfirio Navarrete, promoter of chelinera music, a particularity in these festivities. The celebration to the Conception of Mary, which is a tradition inherited since the settlement was elevated to the rank of Villa in 1720 and ratified in 1783, under the name of “Villa de la Purísima Concepción de Rivas de Nicaragua”.

Other traditional religious celebrations of this municipality are:

church of San Pedro rivas_fiestasp_gal3Virgin of Guadalupe December 12th. This celebration takes place in the 4 parishes of Rivas where vigils are held and in the parish of San Pedro a serenade to the Virgin of Guadalupe is performed, being enlivened by artists and young people from the municipality.

On the day of the Virgin, a solemn mass is held and a float with the image of the Virgin and the girls dressed as inditas and children dressed as Juan Diego leaves the procession, with religious music is a beautiful and joyful celebration that brings together all the rivenses believers.

San Francisco de Asis, It is celebrated from September 25 to October 04, in the San Francisco Parish, Eduardo Alvarado Neighborhood. The main activity is the vigil where all the parishioners attend. In Veracruz del Zapotal the “Santa Cruz” is celebrated, the night before this religious festival there is a vigil, on May 3 (Day of the Holy Cross ), a solemn mass is held at 10 in the morning officiated by the Bishop of the Diocese of Granada and later the Santa Cruz leaves in procession from Veracruz to the community of Los Horcones where all the parishioners participate, in this procession the promising dance the traditional Dance of the Devils.


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