The festivities of this municipality are in honor of San Jorge, which take place from April 21 to 23. They begin with a solemn mass and later a procession through the main streets of the city, later it is veiled all night in his parish.

At night they are made presentations of folk groups, highlighting the Dance of the Cow and of The Devils in the procession routes, by promising people who dance to the sound of the marimbas and the philharmonic bands.

On the 22nd a mass is held at seven in the morning, then the image of Saint George leaves in a procession towards the shore of the lake, making the tour of the southern area and then moving to the northern area where it is veiled and returns to the city at two in the afternoon, where the top of Rivas and San Jorge takes place, ending at night with a popular festival.

The next day, the day of the patron saint, a solemn mass is celebrated and at twelve noon a lunch is shared with the entire population. At five in the afternoon there is a tour of all the streets of the city, closing with fireworks in the atrium of the church and the party ends with a horse parade.

Dare to visit San Jorge in his parties, where you will enjoy his activities and the dances of the masked men and the yegüitas, marimba and philharmonic sounds known as chicheros, you will taste the traditional gastronomy, all in a happy and safe environment.


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