Saint Charles of Borromeo

At Easter they commemorate the Sacred Passion of Our Lord Jesus Christ, activities are carried out, including the traditional Stations of the Cross and solemn masses.

On July 16 a vigil is held in honor of the Virgen del Carmen, Virgen de los Pescadores, on the same day all the fishermen take a water tour.

The day of the Divine Child Jesus is celebrated on July 20.

There are also festivities in honor of the Virgin of Fatima throughout the month of October.

The patron saint festivities are celebrated on November 04, in honor of San Carlos de Borromeo.

In the homes of the municipality every December 7 they perform the traditional Purísimas in honor of the Virgin Concepción de Maria, beginning with the descent of the image of the Virgin Immaculate Conception of Maria from November 28 to December 8, it leaves in procession through the main streets of the city after praying the Holy Rosary in the arches or altars that the families make in the streets of each neighborhood.

On December 08, an aquatic procession is held in honor of the Virgin Concepción de Maria. In front of the Malecón October 13 of the city of San Carlos on the waters of the San Juan River and Lake Cocibolca.

From December 17 to 25, novenas al Niño Dios are held.

Cultural activities

In the second week of September the International Fishing Tournament takes place, where more than 150 national and foreign fishermen participate, this event is an international benchmark for the beauty of the area, the ease of access and the variety of fish that can be caught, among which are snook and king shad.

Since 2009, in the month of October, the Aquatic Carnival has been held, where more than 30 aquatic floats full of excitement, color and creativity ply the waters of the San Juan River and the Great Lake of Nicaragua.


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