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Santa Rosa of the Rock of Lima.

The locals of this municipality are Catholics by tradition, their patron saint festivities are dedicated to "Santa Rosa del Peñón de Lima", which take place from August 27 to 30, with the solemn meeting of the images of Santa Rosa del Peñón and the Virgin of La Merced; They have been celebrated for more than a century, attended by thousands of devotees of the Virgin who come to pay promises.

About three kilometers from the region The puddle The Candle of the Virgin Santa Rosa del Peñón de Lima is held, where the promising dancers are prepared on the 29th next to the image, accompanied by the gigantona, Pepe cabezón and the Toro huaco, to the rhythm of Yo soy puro santarroseño, and Somos las Inditas de la Real Santa Rosa.

At Lóleo Eventos, Las Lajas Slope the traditional meeting of the images of La Merced, patron saint of El Jicaral and Santa Rosa de Lima, is held as a gesture of friendship between neighboring towns. Together with the authorities, the two municipalities go through the main streets of Santa Rosa until they reach the Parish where solemn mass is held. Dancers dressed as Indians and Inditas participate in this meeting.

On August 30, it is traditional at 09:00 in the morning to wait for the bishop of León on the outskirts of the town, and together with the Marian people he walks the main streets to the parish where the mass will be celebrated. That day baptisms, weddings and first communions are carried out.

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Virgin Mercy.

Other religious activities also stand out:

Traditional meeting of the images of San Vicente, from the San Pedro region; San José of the Tierras Blancas region; and La Virgen de los Desamparados. This activity begins in the community park of the Buena Vista region, where residents of neighboring communities and other parts of the country attend.

The religious activity is joined by musical groups or choirs from different chapels.

En eastern they perform "La Judea", which represents the life, passion and death of Jesus Christ; One of the rituals of this celebration is the burning of Judas Iscariot, a tradition in which all the relevant events of the town and people of the year are recited in the form of couplets or rhymes.


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