Saint James the Apostle_telica_fiestasp1The religious tradition of the municipality includes four festivities: two in the urban area, in honor of Santiago Apóstol, the local patron, and the Lord of Esquipulas; and two in the rural area, in honor of San Isidro Labrador, on May 15 and the Virgen de los Ángeles, on August 2.

The celebration and main annual veneration is dedicated to the Lord of Esquipulas; from January 15 the different rites in his honor begin, popularly known as the "Lord of Miracles".

The local patron festivities, Santiago Apostle, They take place the last week of January. A large number of parishioners come from all over the country to the temple of the Lord of Esquipulas to pay promises.

On those dates, national and foreign tourists take the opportunity to get to know the image and culture of this municipality. There is a party with the top of horses and a ribbon race to choose the Queen of the Top. Inside the Church of Telica, the images are rotated from their places, according to the order of the religious festivities of the year.

Other festivities that take place in the municipality

Telica is the only municipality, after León, that celebrates a Minigritería, which is celebrated in mid-January.

This festival is equivalent to the one dedicated in other localities to La Purísima. The difference is in the phrase that the parishioners use during this holiday: Who causes so much fervor? to which the Teliqueños respond ¡Esquipulas Nuestro Señor! becoming creditors of the sweets and drinks that are distributed.

The Devils it is a unique religious folkloric expression in the municipality. On Good Friday the population participates in the Holy Burial procession, which begins at noon. Upon entering the church, the doors are closed and Los Diablos, after bowing before the image of Christ, proceed to scare those present.

Immaculate Conception of Mary_telica_fiestasp3

Immaculate Conception.

This religious manifestation, exclusive to Telica, receives the visit of more than 300 promiseers disguised as devils who appear on horseback, usually painted with black oil and wearing diabolical masks and horns. These fervent participants are from the different communities of the municipality and they do so with the purpose of paying promises for a favor received from the Patron Saint.

In rural areas, San Isidro Labrador is celebrated on May 15, related to the beginning of the rains, while the Virgin of Los Angeles is commemorated on August 2, with the beginning of the harvest.


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