The patronal feast for Santa Rita It is celebrated from May 18 to 22. This celebration begins with the lowering of the image of Santa Rita, which is in charge of believers in the municipality, also the raising of the image where devotees from all over the country attend, it is one of the most popular festivities by promising people nationwide.

On May 21 at night the ancient tradition of the candlelight procession takes place, which is promoted and rescued by the Church with the support of the municipality and the parishioners.

On May 22, the solemn procession takes place that attracts a large number of faithful and usually gathers up to 15,000 people. In addition to the religious ceremonies, there are brave bullfights in the barrier, cock-fighting in the palenque, dancing parties with musical groups and sale of typical food.

Traditional festivals of Virgen de la Candelaria: They start from January 29 and culminate on February 02, along with Catholic religious acts, popular traditions are practiced such as: bullfights, rooster games, tailed bulls and dances, accompanied by typical food.

Every December 24, in the church the traditional Pastorelas are held and on January 6 the Three Wise Men go through the neighborhoods of the municipality.

Saint Rita of Cassia

Saint Rita of Cassia

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