In the city of Rivas, 33 cultural assets have been registered, documented and inventoried, declared Cultural Heritage of the Nation, assets that are an important part of the historical and cultural memory of Rivas and that are significant elements of the identity of this city. They stand out:

Parish Church of San Pedro Apóstol, It is one of the emblematic buildings of the city in baroque style. It is a monument inspired by the Cathedral of León, the construction of the temple began in 1860, here you can take a tour of its interior, observe the sacred art that it preserves as well as its architectural style, the main altar is fully worked in silver and the images were brought from Spain. In the dome it has some frescoes by the Austrian painter Juan Fuchs Holl. In 2001, it was declared part of the Historical Cultural Heritage of the Nation, by decree Law.

Popoyuapa Temple: Jesús del Rescate National Sanctuarybuilt between 1973 and 1983 and declared a National Sanctuary in 2013. It has two large square towers that act as a bell tower in the upper part and two secondary entrance doors in the lower part of its front.

Its main facade is made up of an arched door, the main entrance in the first horizontal body, the head or second upper body is crowned with a triangle of a Roman temple, supported by four columns attached to the wall in a square and simple way, in the center an arcade of three windows. Inside, a wide and spacious nave, there are stained glass windows. Behind the chancel, they built the vaulted prayer room. Its access door is external, inside there is no entrance, it is where the glass niche that houses the image of the Lord Jesus of the Rescue, Patron Saint of Rivas, is exposed, where the candles are lit and the relics of the miracles are placed. . The sanctuary is an apse architectural type. Its pilgrimage cart pilgrimage takes place in the week of Dolores.

Rivas Mesons, They are houses with the typical colonial construction, with a corner door, a covered external corridor and wooden pillars. In the XNUMXth century, they were places where carts of groceries and merchandise arrived and served as lodging places.

The old Mesón de Rivas, owned by Máximo Espinoza, was located near the Hacienda Santa Úrsula, today known as the Museum of Anthropology and History of Rivas, exactly in front of the Miranda Pharmacy, on the west side looking for the lake.

Casino de Rivas, "Social Club"; Traces of its glorious past are still preserved in the structure of the building.

Museum of Anthropology and History of Rivas, It was founded in 1982. It occupies a beautiful and stately house belonging to the historic Hacienda Santa Úrsula, built more than 100 years ago in a classic Spanish Mediterranean style from the XNUMXth century. Cocoa and indigo were produced on this farm in colonial times. Made up of the Archeology, Natural History and Local Identity rooms of Rivas.Another very important religious temple in the municipality that you can visit is the San Francisco Parish, this was built in 1778 being thus one of the few buildings that remained standing during the earthquake of 1844, marked by the years, this parish preserves its splendor, take a tour inside the temple where you can observe the characteristic sacred art of this type of temples.

Urban tourism 

I visited the Plaza Evaristo Carazo ParkThis is the meeting point where the inhabitants of the municipality socialize at all hours of the day, it has comfortable benches, drinking water, lights and green areas, here it will be possible to find crafts, typical dishes, the famous rivense donut.

In the kiosk you can observe public events, cultural activities, in the surroundings you will also see monuments to Commanders Tomás Borge and Carlos Fonseca Amador and General Augusto C. Sandino, as well as a bust in honor of former President Evaristo Carazo.

El Extreme Games Park, very visited by young people who love extreme sports, it is a place where you can appreciate different pirouettes that the kids perform on their bicycles, skateboards and skates, if you are a lover of these sports you also have the opportunity to practice them. The park is located in the Fátima neighborhood. Another option is the Enmanuel Mongalo y Rubio park, which is surrounded by a sculpture in honor of this hero of the Nation.

If you are a lover of Nicaragua's king sport, baseball, you can go to Municipal Baseball Stadium Yamil Rios Ugarte Located on the Pan-American Highway, here you can enjoy a game between teams of superior baseball and professional baseball, Rivas being represented by the Frente Sur team and the Gigantes de Rivas respectively.


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