The architecture of San Carlos is of Caribbean influence and typology, the entire set of houses, mostly made of wood and zinc, in its damp streets due to the tropical climate, deserve to be preserved over time as a symbol of history.

San Carlos Catholic Church

San Carlos Borromeo Catholic Church: It is an architectural complex, built in 1536 with the arrival of Fray Bartolomé de las Casas. In 1950 the current Parish of San Carlos was redesigned by the Italian-born architect Daniel Artigieri and its design was inspired by Noah's Ark.

The bell tower was on the right side of the church but later it was located on the left side of it, this dates from 1878, the bell is one of the largest in Nicaragua, it is made with gold, bronze and copper, its peals are heard throughout the municipality.

The Fortress of San Carlos: Built by the Spanish in 1666, it is currently an attraction with a great colonial history. It served as a surveillance site to guard access to Pacific cities.

In 1977, the San Carlos fortress experienced its last military event. It was used by the Somoza National Guard as a barracks and on October 13 a command of young Sandinistas, mostly from the Solentiname Archipelago, attacked it, managing to take it, although they had to abandon it when reinforcement of the guard arrived by helicopter.

As of 2003, the restoration of the San Carlos fortress was carried out to be used as a tourist center.

Here are the José Coronel Urtecho Library, permanent exhibits through panels in the Fortaleza de San Carlos Museum and three viewpoints that allow you to have a beautiful view of the town. Located in the urban area, behind the Central Park. 

Santa Fe Bridge

Santa Fe Bridge: It was inaugurated in August 2014, located 8 km from the San Pancho border post, it has created a new land transportation route, allowing the crossing of cargo and passenger transport over the San Juan River, with this bridge, the highway was built located on the south coast of the River until it ends on the border with Costa Rica, giving rise to exports from the central area of ​​the country, as well as the entry and exit of Nicaraguans to the neighboring country to the south.

Monument of San Carlos de Borromeo: the imposing image of the Saint is located at the entrance of the city. It represents the life of Saint Charles Borromeo, the bishop of Milan, who was characterized by his wisdom. This monument measures 5 meters high, in the Baroque style, welcomes those who visit the municipality.

Ernesto “Chato” Medrano Municipal Park: equipped with benches, children's games, WiFi internet connection, energy and drinking water. Located in the urban area, in front of the Catholic Church.

Malecon of San Carlos

Futsal field: here you can watch friendly games between the villagers or be part of one of them. It is located in the San Carlos Borromeo National Institute, at the entrance to the town.

Pier: It is a public and safe space, which has lights, kiosks, restaurants, benches, a square where young people play futsal games, it is an ideal space for rollerblading or cycling, a platform for cultural presentations and a spectacular view of the San Juan River. It is located in the urban sector, in front of the mouth of Lake Cocibolca, the mouth of the Frío River and the source of the majestic San Juan River.

Municipal sports, where different sports matches are held, which you can enjoy with the locals. It is located in the urban area of ​​the municipality.

Gabriel Aguirre Marin Baseball Stadium, located to the north of the city of San Carlos, was reopened in 2017, conditioned with luminaires; here you can enjoy the first division matches of the German Pomares Ordoñez league.

San Carlos Soccer Stadium, located in Barrio Bello Amanecer, every weekend you can see matches of the local soccer league. Municipal and departmental qualifiers are also held.

Municipal Theater Prof. Carlos Aguirre Marin, was inaugurated on January 10, 2021, Center for the promotion of Sanjuaneña river art and culture.


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