San Isidro, like all northern towns, is a picturesque town, with its peculiarities that make it different from other towns in the north; the architectural image of the city shows old and modern buildings; where the octagonal corners, doors and windows with lowered arches and tile roofs stand out; characteristic architectural elements of the colony. The buildings that stand out the most are:

Central Park: recently remodeled, it presents an architectural design that integrates the colonial elements of the old park with modern facilities, highlighting the multi-colored public playgrounds, a platform for cultural presentations and two light sources. It has free internet access and sports courts.

The Church of the Nazarene: It is a building of modest and simple construction, but it is very significant in the religious life of the town, it is the congregation center of the devout settlers of San Isidro.

Monument to San Isidro Labrador: It is located on the Religious Walk in the Municipal Park, on the east side, a site that is frequented by the main families of the municipality.

In the management holidays, in May, Christian activities are carried out where charismatic groups, cursillistas, youth ministry, among others, congregate. The Religious Walk is administered by the municipality.

Municipal Mayor's Office Building: It is a building of modern construction, the main facade is of colonial architectural style.

Municipal stadium: Here local teams meet, mainly on weekends to play the king of sports in Nicaragua. It is located in the urban area of ​​the municipality.

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