In Sébaco you can enjoy exquisite food, drinks and traditional sweets.

The traditional food of the municipality is the pig with yucca, vigorón, fried pork head, chanfaina, chicharrones, soups of: chicken, beef and tripe; and the inevitable nacatamal. The typical drink is pozol con leche.

Güirila with cream

There are other dishes like: Gallo pinto, Indian old man, hueynacaztli seed taco, pig's head in posol, güirila, curd soup, squash and guanacaste seed cakes.

You can also taste the delicious homemade bread made by Sebaco hands.

Sweets: espadilla flower syrup, kisses, bienmesabe, bean cajeta or bean anté, cusnaca and marshmallows.

Drinks and refreshments: El tiste, cocoa with milk, corn chicha. Cususa, a country liquor, is made by the communities of Carreta Quebrada, Almirante, Chagüitillo and Río Nuevo.


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