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San Juan Bautista Parish Church

The municipality of San Juan de Sur has 40 buildings of great historical, cultural and architectural value, which have been documented and inventoried by the Nicaraguan Institute of Culture.

They are considered a heritage of great importance in the history of San Juan del Sur. These 40 old buildings are architectural treasures of history, which are part of the life of the inhabitants of this city, with identity as a Port City and Fishermen's Town. A characteristic element of the municipality are its wooden houses painted with bright colors and reflecting the evolution of its architecture, among which the following stand out:

The Parish Church, Built in 1899, in a neocolonial style with Gothic elements, it was restored in 2001.

Christ of Mercy, located northeast of the bay, it is a huge sculpture of Jesus Christ that is part of the city's decoration; it measures 15 meters high and the base of the pedestal 9 meters; work designed and created by artist Max Ulloa and financed by Nicaraguan businessman Erwin González.

Victorian Hotel, built in 1902, on the foundations of the history of the Port of San Juan del Sur; it preserves the English neo-colonial architectural design of the Victorian era. It was built as a family residence, now converted into an elegant, sober and welcoming hotel that offers its visitors and guests an unforgettable experience. It is one of the oldest houses in the city, well preserved. It was built by British immigrant William Herbert George Cross, who ran the cable company in San Juan del Sur in the early 1900s.

Gaspar García Laviana Municipal Park sanjuandelsur_arquitectura2

Gaspar García Laviana Municipal Park

Professor Frank Ruiz Prado's house, built in 1912, known as the corner house of Doña Julia Prado. It was nominated as the oldest house in San Juan del Sur. Inside it preserves some objects of great historical value, such as an old wooden trunk, metate or grinding stones, a piece of the rail from the old railway station; the first Latin bible to arrive in San Juan del Sur in 1820.

La "House of the Cardinals or Yellow House", As the locals call it, it is part of the history of this city, built in 1934, adjacent to the Railway Station, which covered the San Jorge, Rivas and San Juan del Sur routes. It was ordered to be built by Dona Carmen Sacasa de Barrios, grandmother of former President Violeta Barrios, widow of Chamorro. It was bought in 1947 by Mrs. Isabel Cardenal.

Plaza Municipal Park "Gaspar García Laviana", Recently remodeled, highlighting the colorful, colorful and modern playgrounds, revitalized the infrastructure, it has green areas, rest benches, a kiosk for the sale of food and beverages, it is the quintessential meeting and recreation center for San Juan families. the monument dedicated to Father Gaspar García Laviana.

Other sites of historical and cultural interest

House of Culture "Carlos Contreras Espinoza", dance and drawing classes are taught.

Historic Monument La Fortaleza or Fortín El VigíaIt is located on the southwest side of the San Juan del Sur bay; It served as guides for the arrival of ships to the bay and, due to its strategic position, it was also used as a control post of the territory.

Hill Historic Site 155. El Naranjo and its emblematic Colina 155, was a strategic point for both the Somoza regime forces and the Sandinista Guerrilla. Whoever conquered that small territory could have control of the coast, the air and the surrounding land.

The Indigenous Cemetery, located in the El Ostional community, it is one of the most interesting sites in the community, it refers to a pre-Hispanic cemetery, an archaeological site, discovered by the community in 1995.

Urban tourism

Gaspar García Laviana Municipal Park sanjuandelsur_arquitectura3

Gaspar García Laviana Municipal Park

In the municipality you can visit a beautiful Central Park, equipped with comfortable benches, drinking water, lights, kiosks selling food and beverages in the surroundings. This park is located on the western side of the parish temple. Solidarity Children's Park, It has children's games for the fun of the little ones who love to play and spend time with the family surrounded by a natural and safe environment. This park is located in the Pedro Joaquín Chamorro neighborhood.

You can visit the Tourist Center and Embarcadero of San Juan del Sur, which was built with the aim of improving the quality of port and tourist services provided to cruise passengers who disembark in this port and to tourists in general.

The nightlife in the municipality is very vibrant, along the bay there are bars, clubs, restaurants among others, which invite you to have fun and have a good time, in some of these establishments concerts by national artists are held every night, poetry, theater and dance recitals.


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