Parish Church of San Dionisio: Dedicated to the local patron Saint Dionisio, it is a modern architectural style hermitage, with some neoclassical elements.

Parish Church of San Dionisio

The big house: It is a wooden house built approximately in 1870. It belonged to the Zeledón family for four generations, its current owner is Octavio Gutiérrez. It was declared by the Municipal Mayor's Office as the oldest house in the municipality.

Monument to the Bible: Erected in 2016, it consists of a pedestal on which two hands are presented holding a Bible.

Monument to the Heroes and Martyrs: It was placed in 1987, in the El Zapote community in honor of the sacrifice of the young people who died in that place.

Plaza - Park

Plaza - Park: It is a space dedicated to the recreation of the population where you can walk along its platforms, rest on its benches and appreciate the fountain and the monument to San Dionisio, which is a monumental concrete sculpture, in honor of the patron saint of that town. .

It is ideal for reading, enjoying the city, walking on the platforms, exercising or sharing with the residents who visit this place, you can visit it as a family and have a good time. It is located in the urban area of ​​the municipality.


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