Santiago Apóstol_telica_arquitectura4 ChurchAmong the important buildings that are part of the historical and cultural reference of the town, the following stand out:

Santiago Apóstol Church: It is the oldest in the municipality and in the department of León. It is estimated that its construction was in 1721. It is a simple temple with a single central nave, supported by 12 wooden columns and surrounded by two lateral corridors. Built of adobe, in the upper part of the main altar there is a painting of Santiago Apóstol and in the center is the famous image of the Lord of Esquipulas, which the town calls the Lord of Miracles.

Municipal Park Square: built in 1973, in the center of the urban area, in a multi-colored environment, with comfortable and safe children's games. The park route has seven platforms, a central kiosk and benches for rest. The garden has shade trees, green areas covered with grass and beautiful walls of lemon trees and also lighting for night recreation. A sculpture of the hero Miguel Lareynaga is part of the decoration of the park.

Monument in homage to General Augusto C. Sandino_telica_arquitectura_gal4

Monument in homage to General Augusto C. Sandino.

Miguel Larreynaga's house: In the center of the urban area, the dwelling is located in which the Hero of the Independence of Central America, Miguel Jerónimo Larreynaga Silva, lived his first four years of life. The building is a house typical of the colonial era, adobe walls and a tile roof. Currently there is a dining room.

The monument in homage to General Augusto C. Sandino, located on the boulevard of the city. The residential buildings represent different moments in the evolution of the town, standing out the traditional vernacular architecture; the construction materials are adobe, taquezal, blocks and red bricks; There are houses with more than 100 years old, which are mixed with modern homes.

Urban tourism

In the municipality you can visit the recreation fields such as the Telica Municipal Stadium and Larreynaga Park where you can enjoy a relaxed afternoon in the company of your family. This park is equipped with benches and drinking water, it is a place surrounded by nature and a delicious climate. There are sports fields located in the rural area that you can also visit, such as the ANSCA and Tomás Rueda. Here you can practice your favorite sport, or watch a good football or baseball game.

Also in the municipality you can visit the Library and the Municipal Auditorium, located in the Señor de Esquipulas National Institute. You will know historical data of the municipality and all the cultural baggage that it contains.

Larreynaga_telica_arquitectura2 Park

Larreynaga Park.


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