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The municipality has been founded for more than 200 years, having its origins in a cattle ranch and sugar cane called “San Juan de Cocolistagua”, which according to the records was bought from the Spanish crown on January 12, 1715.

In this hacienda, year after year, the number of settlers from different towns and communities in the north and center of the country increased, who stayed to live with their families, extending the inhabited territory until the municipality was formed in 1740. today we know as Terrabona.

The majority of its inhabitants are dedicated to agriculture, harvesting basic grains that are commercialized in the national market and livestock that has been increasing over the years, their main products being cheese and cream.

Making curds

According to legal documents of the creation of the municipality, the royal title of these lands was issued in Guatemala City on January 12, 1715, by the illustrious Captain General Don Tiburcio de Cocios, in favor of Antonio, Bárbara and Catalina de Rivas, who paid to the boxes of his majesty the King of Spain, 30 tostones, according to the receipt made in Guatemala on January 09, 1715.

On January 10 of that same year, and for reasons of claims of land ownership, Captain Ignacio Suárez notified in Metapa the material delivery of the site to Messrs. Zelaya and de Neira, giving them the royal title.

The lack of colonial archives makes it impossible to specify the date on which the town was constituted by royal decree, but it is evident that such an event occurred shortly before our National Independence.


In the La Joya community A group of women artisans who make utilitarian crafts await you. They make clay comales, used by families to make corn tortillas.

Crafts in the community El Bálsamo and Tempisque.

Craft trades


Queseras of San Pedro: here you will learn about the process of making this dairy product, taking a tour of the cheese factory facilities, as well as learning about the production process of cream and curds and tasting the different types of cheese they make.

In this municipality there are many people who are dedicated to work in activities such as tailoring, repairing and making shoes, saddlers and bakers.

As well as donut makers, it is traditional in the communities of Montaña Grande and Caña de Castilla.


Daniel Manzanares Flores and Rosalio Salgado.


Good land


Cocolistagua, its main musical themes: Run to Terrabona, Voices of hope and peace, Pilgrimage to San José, San José Festivities, Mazurca verde and Lluvia de mi tierra.

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