It was declared a RAMSAR site by Decree 13-20, published in the official newspaper La Gaceta No. 213 on September 8, 1983. The area includes the reservoir of the middle course of the Tipitapa River, popularly known as the Tisma pool, plus the neighboring wetlands between this and the northwest coast of Lake Cocibolca, also includes the lagoons and swamps of El Genízaro; forming an area of ​​10,295 hectares.

This protected area is a kind of oasis for aquatic fauna, you can mention the guapote and gaspar with economic value; Likewise, diving ducks, egrets, avocets, herons, sargentillos, carrots and migratory birds have been reported.

In the remaining areas of the forests linked to the Tisma wetlands we find: river mangrove, river almond tree, macuelizo oak, chilamate, helequeme, jabillo, royal cedar, tigüilote, ceiba, male cedar, veal guácimo, cornizuelo, melero, soap. On the coast of the lagoon, the beach hawthorn, genízaro, beach apple, pochote, linga, nancigüiste, snake food, aromo, wetland bramble, bighorn tamarind, chicken grass, neptunia pura, coyolito.

Among the bushes and herbs are rum-rum, charcoal, purga de fraile, plumbago, climbing plants such as Ventanilla, iguana, catapanza, thionoste and fruits such as tomatillos. In the eastern sector of the wetlands, river lilies, sagittarius, tule that it is harvested for sale to weavers of mats and sweatshirts for the horses; water lily, marsilia, salvinia, hyacinth and water lettuce, floating polypodium, and a submerged Angiosperm with a yellow flower and highly dissected leaf.


  • Trekking 
  • Observation of flora and fauna
  • Hook fishing

visit him

  • Own vehicle: From Managua, take the highway to Masaya, when you get to that city go straight as if you are going to Granada and when you pass the INCASA company campus, turn left taking a paved road that will take you without deviations to the urban area of ​​the municipality of Tisma. At the entrance of this city you will find a huge sign that tells you the way to go to get to the lagoon or ask for the "way to the beach".
  • Public transport: the cost of one-way transportation from Managua is only 20 córdobas; In the Huembes market you will have to board a bus that goes to Nandaime or Granada since the entrance to Tisma is on the track to Granada, next to the INCASA company.